How do I get there?

Travellers must make their way to Medan International Airport Kuala Namu (KNO) where you can catch a flight on Wings Air to Simeulue (SMG) Island.  We will personally pick you up from the airport and take you directly to the resort, approximately a 10 minute drive.


Are there mosquito nets?

Because the bungalows at Salt are air-conditioned and sealed we are able to ensure they are reasonably mosquito-proof. However, for those of you who prefer, mosquito nets are available free of charge. 


Is there malaria in Simeulue?

It is stated that malaria no longer exists in this part of Aceh. However, if you would like to take extra care please bring your own anti malaria medication.


Where is the nearest Hospital and Pharmacy?

The nearest Hospital and Pharmacy are in the main town of Sinabang which is a 20 minute drive from the resort.  We stock a first aid kit at the resort at all times.


Where is the nearest ATM?

The nearest ATM is in Sinabang. This town is about a 20 minute drive from the resort. We do recommend that you bring enough cash to last your stay. There are 3 available ATMs in town and they are restocked with cash everyday. Nevertheless, we recommend you visit them early in the morning as they tend to run out of cash closer to the end of the day.


Where is the nearest Western Union?

The nearest Western Union is in Sinabang 20 minutes from the resort. Western Union is operational in major post offices in large towns throughout Indonesia. 


Where is the nearest fax and internet?

The nearest fax and internet facilities are in Sinabang as WiFi is still not available in our district. However, our staff are more than happy organise and set up internet 3G data for you phone if required.


How do I get around to different surf spots on Simeulue?

Motorbikes and cars can be organised upon request.  Surf guides and staff will be available to assist  you in finding the best waves according to the conditions of the day.


I'm a vegetarian, what will I do about food?

Each day 3 meals are offered to guests. These meals consist mainly of a starch staple, meat, vegetables and fruit. Vegetarians are able to avoid the meat dishes and stick to the vegetarian dishes. If your dietary needs are a little more complex please don't hesitate to communicate to our staff of your dietary habits, as they will be more than willing to cater to your needs. 


Salt Surf Resort, Simeulue Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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